Enhance your brand reputation and customer experience by leveraging instant customer feedback for real-time reputation management. Offer personalized experiences and keep ahead of the ever changing guest expectations. Encourage guest engagement by creating new, easy communication channels.

Guest Features

The Guest Perspective

There is probably no other industry that relies on customer satisfaction as much as the hospitality industry. Many aspects of the guest experience are timeless, as guests always look for a comfortable bed and a clean and tidy room. However, in the digital age, as technology and digital communication continue to advance the landscape of guest-facing technology has changed. Hotel technology now plays a pivotal role in enhancing the guest experience, increasing revenues and attracting, engaging and retaining guests.

Hotelier Features

The Hotelier Perspective

With the emergence of real-time service apps that make instant results possible, consumers are beginning to expect the same level of convenience, personalization, and efficiency everywhere they go. Customer expectations are changing, so keeping a customer happy is not enough anymore. You need to find ways to delight your customer. This requires managers to stay up-to-date with new developments, and find the right applications and software to meet their changing needs.

About us

The idea of creating Butler hasn’t come to us overnight. Being previously involved with other cutting edge technology platform startups, travelling was an important part of our work.
It was during these travels that we first handedly witnessed the inefficiencies of the current operational status quo of the of the hotel business.
Inefficiencies that were mainly caused by the lack of integrated digital solutions in the industry.
Our drive was the fact that we knew we could address these gaps as we have done so in our previous similar endeavors.
Butler was formed on June 2018 in London UK.

Our initial action was to further research the market in order to establish the first intuitively perceived inadequacies and verify our claims.
After our research showed us, a greater than expected, number of areas which our solutions could be implemented, we formed our core engineering team from a pool of proven to us engineers.

The alpha release was ready in August 2018. We used this release in order to onboard our first initial strategic partners with which we managed to conduct feasibility studies and various PoCs .

As of March 2019 Butler on-boarded a full team of engineers , based in Athens Greece, aiming to perfect the current beta version.
Our sales team, based in London UK, had already established some key players as early partners and we aim to triple our clients.