All you have to do is enjoy your stay
Butler will take care of everything else

Easy check in and check out without spending time at the frontdesk

Explore your hotel’s facilities and offered amenities


Order in room dine using just your mobile

Rate your accomodation experience to help receive better services

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See how Butler can enhance your accomodation experience and introduce a new way to interact with the hotel you are staying even before you have checked in. Make your travel easier with few easy taps!

Check In and Check Out

Slide to unlock room

Order your food

Book facilities

Rate anything

No need to pass through the reception to check in or check out. Do it efficiently from your phone with the Butler app

I am a hotelier

See how Butler can enhance your offered services, help you streamline your processes and give valuable insight and feedback on your operation, so that you can improve and tackle problems

Know your customer, through data

Real time feedback and Reputation management

Personalised and targeted offers and services to your guests by analyzing their total behaviour through Butler.

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